Another Year Gone by

Endings are what we make. So, why not leave behind all the negative vibes as trash in the year gone by and step in a new one with all the positives. Happy New Year, dear readers!


The City of Joy’s Durga Puja

  Leave. Leave, but, Do not ask me to see you step out of the door. Watching you leave, Aches my heart in a way, You'd always have known. Because if not you, Then who'd know? I'm neither an atheist, Nor a believer. Yet, I'd come to you everyday For someone who's always been A... Continue Reading →

Roots: Ruins to Monotonicity

Yearning to be free, You’ve stood there all your life. Wondering : should you leave to ruins, or stick to, monotonicity. *******   How deep do your roots keep you down, holding you back? The deeper roots a plant has, the stronger it is. But, if it was relatable for humans too, shouldn't we'd have ended... Continue Reading →

For the First Time

           For the first time : It was a smile That ripped her soul apart. Often you don't get The love you want, But the one you deserve. ******* Why do we restrain every ideology? Why is it necessary to abide by the constraints of the society? The truth is: We, don't have to, for real. And, you should be as... Continue Reading →

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