The Domicile of Dreams

And just when life seemed to be Reviving from the Grey & Black, It showed her ways back to them. The more she tried to escape, the tighter it grasped her. As if it was where she belonged. With quivering lips, You'd drink up the water with a salty pinch. *******   How many times... Continue Reading →

If Glares Could Kill

She sat there, As stagnant as the Dead Sea. Contemplating over the treatment of the suffering. Her eyes glistening , like that of a curious little kitten. *******   I look into those eyes, but all they reflect is a glare. What is that you want to cut through the opaque? What is that you... Continue Reading →

All About Us

And again the blooming flowers, Reminded of us. And again the happy songs Were all about us. *******   You've been so low, you can't lift yourself up the bed. The gravity pulls you down each time you try to. Just when life seems so not lively, there he comes up as if to try... Continue Reading →

Individualism: A Bygone Trait

What does it come down to At the thin stretch of time Between the dusk and the dawn? Well, it's never been easy To settle down for a lesser worth Than what you are for, in real. ******* Human race is pretty messed up. And how they chose to solve their problems, their resentment towards... Continue Reading →

The Lost Paradise

  And sometimes against all odds We can never get back together. Rebuild from the crushed and Restart. ******   Friends Forever, starting meaning so much to you when you suddenly meet someone and it just clicks with them. Until, the day it dawns to so little importance when it all breaks downs to the... Continue Reading →

Roots: Ruins to Monotonicity

Yearning to be free, You’ve stood there all your life. Wondering : should you leave to ruins, or stick to, monotonicity. *******   How deep does your roots keep you down, holding you back? The deeper roots a plant has, the stronger it is. But, if it was relatable for humans too, shouldn't we'd have ended... Continue Reading →

For the First Time

           For the first time : It was a smile That ripped her soul apart. Often you don't get The love you want, But the one you deserve. ******* Why do we restrain every ideology? Why is it necessary to abide by the constraints of the society? The truth is: We, don't have to, for real. And, you should be as... Continue Reading →

Debt of Happiness

The fear of reality crashing back, Burrowing into the happy realm. For often we fail to realize, Everything that comes to you, Arrives at the cost of something. ******* There you stand amidst the celebration, before the clock strikes midnight, wishing everyday to be your birthday. At that moment, you realize how happy and wanted you were, today , when... Continue Reading →

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