Debt of Happiness

sThe fear of reality crashing back,

Burrowing into the happy realm.

For often we fail to realize,

Everything that comes to you,

Arrives at the cost of something.


There you stand amidst the celebration, before the clock strikes midnight, wishing everyday to be your birthday. At that moment, you realize how happy and wanted you were, today , when all everyone tried was to make you feel special. Suddenly, the realization dawns upon you, how days were and will be back again from the next day of your birthday. That the one day you’d wait eagerly for the entire year, will be over. That’s when you know , the payback time has arrived of all those laughters turning into tears of joy, and all those sour conversations round the corner turning into a happy wish. And while you’re asleep teary eyed, the pillow comforts you, knowing you’re still the little kid underneath the tall confident girl cuddling with her to sleep.

#1Pillow, the Consort.


Circumsized with the fear,

Oh! how is the debt of happiness.




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