For the First Time


For the first time :

It was a smile
That ripped her soul apart.

Often you don’t get
The love you want,
But the one you deserve.


Why do we restrain every ideology? Why is it necessary to abide by the constraints of the society?

The truth is: We, don’t have to, for real. And, you should be as well proud about it.

You can love someone today and not tomorrow. You could be craving the same soul for a lifetime or never after the first night. It’s all justified. Why to tie yourself to someone you don’t love just to stand tall with the society. You ain’t a slave to love. You can love the same person or tens of them in your lifetime, but the key is never to make your loved soul any less than special for the time you are together. And when time comes to part, part ways with great memories and not a sour argument.

Divergence is better than being on a journey forcefully. A divorcee is better than someone who’d cheat. Don’t find ways and means to keep your loved one to yourself. One who has to stay, stays. Period.



She deserved some
extra love.

Perhaps, from an
extra someone:
An extra marital affair.



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