Roots: Ruins to Monotonicity


Yearning to be free,

You’ve stood there all your life.

Wondering :

should you leave to ruins,

or stick to,




How deep do your roots keep you down, holding you back?

The deeper roots a plant has, the stronger it is. But, if it was relatable for humans too, shouldn’t we’d have ended up making food in ourself with some other vague idea enough to satisfy the human nature: Provide explanations to everything going wrong.

Roots keep one grounded; to some one, some place, some memoirs, uncountable more. All they offer is weakness and hindrance to the ultimate change in one’s  seasons. It prevents the carefree flow of one’s possibility of events. Clinging onto anything ain’t beneficial anymore.



You’re the cocoon ,

The desperation to cut

Off your roots.

And fly away.

via Daily Prompt: Roots

                                                                                                                 –EMANIAC’DEN, ROOM105.


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