The Lost Paradise Of Smiles And Heartaches



And sometimes against all odds
We can never get back together.
Rebuild from the crushed
and Restart.



Friends Forever, started meaning so much to you when you suddenly meet someone and it just clicks with them. Until, the day it dawns to so little importance when it all breaks downs to the reality of the world. Suddenly, then, someday you meet at the crossroad and stare at each other , with so much love and regret for uncountable things, mostly of the closeness you’ve lost , and all you can do is wish. Wish and hope, for some miracle to bring you together again: Happy and Together.



Those turns
Wishing to turn into hugs.
Those half hearted smiles
Wishing to turn into giggles .
Remain the heartaches.
Wish enough to wish for
When you cross the,
Happy and,

                                                                                                                –EMANIAC’DEN, ROOM107.


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