Love, Live And Let Live The Amazing Life


What does it come down to
At the thin stretch of time
Between the dusk and the dawn?
Well, it’s never been easy
To settle down for a lesser worth
Than what you are for, in real.


Human race is pretty messed up. And how they chose to solve their problems, their resentment towards life and it’s pebbled pathways, are always amusing. You want pure milk? Guess what, you can get a cow from the herd and push him within your boundaries. You want pretty feathered creatures? Guess what, you can cage a bird and from infinity it’s world crashes down to the cage. Don’t want your child to be messing around? Guess what, you can always get them grounded. Why can’t we live our life on our terms and let others live on theirs? We need to know what giving space is and what stealing it from someone, even if they can’t converse in our terms, means to them. We need to realize we don’t own lives, and nobody does ours.
Love, Live and Let Live.



It’s all about being caged.
Where you refrain the bird
From libertarianism.
Where you abstain yourself
From individualism.
Because you’re so preoccupied
By the crowded conventionality,
That you’ve lost what
Free thinking feels like.

                                                                                                                –EMANIAC’DEN, ROOM109.


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