And Then The Unconditional Love Became The Spotlight


And again the blooming flowers,

Reminded of us.

And again the happy songs
Were all about us.



You’ve been so low, you can’t lift yourself up the bed. The gravity pulls you down each time you try to. Just when life seems so not lively, there he comes up as if to try to put together the shattered pieces, and makes you feel there’s alot more to life than what has been past you. When the sunrise dawns upon the sunset, every fading colour felt like filling up the colouring book of life. That’s when you’ll know, being in a constant struggle to overcome what could have been and what might land up, is just one of the abundant things that’ll keep you up all night.



The greener side,

The 2AM laugh and smirks,
The feel of an air conditioner in the scorching heat,
Were us.

The two of us,

Against the world.
And just like that,
Every mundane thing,
Seemed to backlink happiness
And us.

                                                                                                 –EMANIAC’DEN, ROOM111.



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